Color Guard

The Color Guard is open to both males and females and is considered part of the Marching Band during the fall. The Guard use flags and other props while doing dance based movements that enhance the overall visual appearance of the Marching Band field show for performances and competitions.

Rehearsals are scheduled after school and evenings led by a professional Guard coach who is paid for out of fair share donations. Color Guard wear costumes related to the theme of the show that can cost up to $100 and also need to supply their own dance shoes.

Guard is included in away games, parades, and other Marching Band activities. The transportation fees paid to ASU determine how often the Band is able to provide bus transportation. Parents will be required to transport  their own child to some events.

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Parents are encouraged to help in many ways: assist with fundraising, help with tarps and props, help with costumes, transport and move equipment at competitions, donate water, snacks, pizza, etc. All Guard parents are encouraged to assist.

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