Concert Attire

Orchestra Performance/ Concert Attire

Girls: long black formal dresses, black shoes .

Boys: black tuxedo jackets, black tuxedo pants, white tuxedo shirts and black bow ties. black socks, black dress shoes. Most of the boys already have the shirt and tie.

Students who do not already own pre-approved concert attire should have been assigned school owned formal wear for performances throughout the year. If your student not not own formal wear and has not been fitted please contact Shirin Madani to arrange a time PRIOR to December 13th.

At all concert events students are responsible for having all parts of their formal wear. If a student has forgotten an item there will be limited replacements for a rental fee to cover cleaning and other costs as follows:

Tuxedo jacket, shirt, or pants: $5 each

Bow tie, Socks, or shoes: $3 each

Dress: $5

Please contact Shirin Madani if you have any questions.

Dana Hills High School Instrumental Music